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VIDEO: Miss Piggy Reads and Bashes Miss Poogy

Miss Piggy was originally conceived to have the personality of a gruff truck driver in the body of a female pig. So in a way, both of these pig puppets are trans. Do you think […]

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Why GaGa (and Mrs. Perry) Was Cut From the Muppets Movie

Apparently Lady GaGa filmed a faceoff scene with Ms. Piggy, but the scene was cut. And so was Katy Perry’s scene also. Well at least they already thought about the DVD’s bonus features… Wouldn’t that […]

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FOF #1488 – Is Lady Gaga Listening To Me?

There’s a lot of fabulous things to be grateful for over Thanksgiving weekend- from the new Muppets film to Lady Gaga’s special “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving” which matches closely a lot of the things we asked Gaga to do on the podcast this summer. Is Lady Gaga a listener or just well connected?

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FOF #1487 – A Very Gaga Muppet Thanksgiving

Once again, Lady Gaga is serving up a holiday special- “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving” while the highly anticipated new The Muppets films hits theaters. Why wasn’t Gaga in the Muppets and the Muppets not in Gaga?

L.A. puppeteer and performance artist Marsian DeLellis joins us to speculate about what surprises we’ll find Lady Gaga’s Thanksgiving Special and in the new The Muppets film.

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PHOTO: Halloween! Haaaalloweeeen!

Best animal costume yet.

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Google Wishes Jim Henson a Happy Birthday!

Google wishes Jim Henson a Happy 75th birthday! If you click the little buttons the muppets’ mouths move and eventually the one on the end gets a little hungry!

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VIDEO: TMZ hounds Kermit the Frog on Bert and Ernie Being Gay

TMZ catches up with the most famous Muppet, Kermit the Frog, and asks him about the rumors surrounding Bert and Ernie that they are gay. Funny idea, but the execution is pretty lame. There’s a reason why it hit the “meh” middle on Funny or Die. Is there such a thing as purgatory on that site?

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Kermit Wearing a Jacket of Lady Gaga Heads

I really want the new Muppet Movie to use this image in their promos. Here’s the original Lady Gaga Kermit the Frog coat she wore several years ago on Geman television.

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VIDEO: Grover Attacks Audience Member in Spider Monster the Musical

In a spot-on parody of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark- the Broadway musical, Grover keeps landing on top of the only audience member because as we all know, Super Grover can’t really fly. Is it […]

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Muppet Movie Poster

I’m sorry but seeing the Muppets with legs is like seeing your parents naked.

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