FOF #1487 – A Very Gaga Muppet Thanksgiving

Nov 23, 2011 · 1985 views

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Once again, Lady Gaga is serving up a holiday special- “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving” while the highly anticipated new The Muppets films hits theaters. Why wasn’t Gaga in the Muppets and the Muppets not in Gaga?

L.A. puppeteer and performance artist Marsian DeLellis joins us to speculate about what surprises we’ll find Lady Gaga’s Thanksgiving Special and in the new The Muppets film.


  1. marsian says:

    Los Angeles: Muppets Flash Mob!
    Wednesday November 23rd, 7PM
    Join the LA Guild in your muppet-inspired costume at the opening of THE MUPPETS
    We may go out for dinner or drinks after.
    Get tickets at
    or call (818) 845-3110

  2. The GaGa EP that released indicates she will be performing at least White Christmas, You and I, The Edge of Glory, and Orange Coloured Sky. Could be more but those are the songs officially released after the special airs.

  3. well so far on imdb the Muppets movie is getting good reviews from the viewers! I hope Fausto enjoys it!

    I also signed that petition for Marsian, I’ve been in a petition signing mode, what with all the drama over that awful SOPA bill Congress is tying to pass. I used to think internet petitions were useless and didn’t make a difference in changing something, but some seem to actually work, so yeah, I’m not as jaded by them as I once was…

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