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FOF #2539 – Eddie Izzard Saved My Life

Art matters because it helps us to connect with culture to better understand who we are. As LGBT folks, we often draw inspiration to come out of the closet and tell others our stories of who we are because of the artists we admire.

Today comedian Cody Melcher joins to talk about the artists and entertainers who have motivated us to fiercely be ourselves and how folks can to do the same for others through their art.

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FOF #2231 – Happy National Coming Out Day Y’all

Nothing has driven forward LGBT equality like everyday people simply telling their story, revealing their true selves on daytime talk shows, at dinner tables, or through video blogs and status updates but especially one on one.

Today, we celebrate National Coming Out Day by taking a look at entertainers and media personalities who came out in the past year, and creative ways people have come out over the years.

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FOF #1268 – National Coming Out Day

Come out, come out, wherever you are! Today is National Coming Out Day, where everyone is encouraged to, as Macy Gray likes to put it, “express what is taboo in you, and share yo’ freak with the rest of us, ’cause it’s a beautiful thang.”

Join us for National Coming Out Day and all the hot news!

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FOF #857 – Tickle Me Tracy

We are too excited! The special “What Not to Wear” Feast of Fools mashup TV show airs this Friday on TLC and we cant decide what to wear for the viewing party at Hydrate in […]

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