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Photo: Hanging Out With NZ’s Egg Lady

Angela, Aaron & I say a big hello from Wellington, New Zealand. And yes, she is even cooler in person. =v)

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”The Hobbit”: The View From ’the Middle of Middle-Earth’

Hobbit fever! No, it’s not just a hankering for short hairy guys with big feet. The long-awaited adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” has hit theatres—-“At last!”, you might say, especially if you live in […]

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Queer Activists Respond to Transphobic Opinion Piece in NZ Newspaper

New Zealand-based activist group The Queer Avengers staged a protest outside the offices of local paper The Dominion Post to take them to task for publishing an opinion piece earlier this week which denigrated trans […]

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Glitter Day 2012 – Aotearoa/New Zealand

I like to corral people at my house and test out cosmetics on them—for fun, not profit—so I arranged to do so for the second ever Glitter Day, catered for the Southern Hemisphere summer with […]

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RIP Carmen Rupe, Queer Icon of Aotearoa-New Zealand

Legendary Maori performer Carmen Rupe has passed away after months of ill health at the age of 75. Throughout the various articles published on her life and death, she is alternately referred to as “transgender” […]

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New Zealand Pizza Chain Catches Hell for Transphobic Cookie Fortune

It’s a cute enough idea: “misfortune cookies”. An incredibly clever friend of mine even came up with a bunch of his own: ‘They all know what you did.’ ‘It shows even when you part your […]

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VIDEO: Pole Dance as Sport and Art Form

Pole dance is gaining credibility outside of nightlife, often referred to as “pole sport” or “pole fitness”. I think it’s hard to deny how sexy it remains, but it cannot be denied that it takes […]

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VIDEO: TDOR Event at Riff Raff Statue in Hamilton, NZ

There is a statue of Riff Raff from Rocky Horror Picture Show in Hamilton, New Zealand, commemorating the time director Richard O’Brien lived there in his youth. There’s also, apparently, a live cam on it […]

VIDEO: Hot Rugby Player Has Wardrobe Malfunction

There’s two weeks left to the Rugby World Cup, with quarterfinals just around the corner. Most of my friends aren’t the sporting type, but plenty of them still appreciate the likes of All Blacks players […]

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VIDEO: NZ Nude Rugby

The Nude Blacks, a New Zealand rugby team takes it all off to play the sport they love. They even do that unusual chanting for which NZ teams are famous.

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