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Xbox One Kinect Sensor is now so powerful that it can see your penis

Youtube user Prison Planet Live has discovered the new gaming system Xbox One can track your eye movement and show a guys penis underneath his pants. I need to get myself one of these. What’s […]

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FOF #1817 – Flirting with Disaster

Comedian Carey Callahan got into hot water for speaking out about how hard it is for women to break into the Chicago comedy scene because the guys pick on female comedians.

At that time, Carey identified as female and now six years later, Carey is an awesome guy and is flirting with women himself as a comedian.

Listen as we chat with Carey about his fascinating take on sexism in comedy.

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FOF #1808 – How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the NSA

Remember all those times you Googled Al Qaeda? The NSA remembers. Today we take a look at the unsettling revelation that that nine giants of the tech industry have been handing over everything to the National Security Agency. All our texts, photos, videos, social media and phone content is being data mined by the NSA, for the purpose of fighting terrorism.

Didn’t President Obama read the cliff notes of George Orwell’s 1984?

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