FOF #1817 – Flirting with Disaster

Jun 25, 2013 · 1985 views

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Comedian Carey Callahan got into hot water for speaking out about how hard it is for women to break into the Chicago comedy scene because the guys pick on female comedians.

At that time, Carey identified as female and now six years later, Carey is an awesome guy and is flirting with women himself as a comedian.

Listen as we chat with Carey about his fascinating take on sexism in comedy.


  1. Carey Callahan is truly my hero. He’s just an all around beautiful soul.
    Anyone able to go see him, do it.

  2. jimmyV says:

    Carey Callahan is beautiful person, Meredith is just sweet, and Amy Armstrong is the reason I became a plus member she brings it every year at the Dunes.

    As far as the comment I maid about drag being like Minstrel (black-face), I was only trying to make the point that this art form may not be timeless. Ten years from now, when an effeminate gay man walks down the street will it be funny?? Equality is about people like Carey Callahan being able to walk down the street and people not noticing that she is any different.

    With Equality will Drag be relevant ?? Certainly a man dressed as a woman today doesn’t get the same reaction as it did In 1987 when a young Rupaul fist stated doing here thing? We are excepted today as never before. Drag may need as never before. I love queens like Saharan Needles , she is fresh and new and represents something different. For Sharon dressing as a woman is not the joke the way it tends to be with Rupaul. “You’ve got she male.” Sharon and Alaska are to Comedy what Lucy and Desi were to generations before something new and not the stereotype. They have the opportunity to be timeless weather they use the spotlight or waist it is up to time. But with drag what happens to often is people just lip sync and dance and don’t make an impression on people. The power is lost and it becomes minstrel.

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