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Pac Man Skull Unearthed in Arizona

First Google paid homage to Pac Man with their playable logo (which is apparently staying around for good – find it here) and now someone has found a complete Pac Man skeleton in the Arizona […]

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Google Celebrates Pac-Man’s Birthday

You may not have noticed, but today is Pac-Man’s 30th birthday. On May 22, 1980 the Japanese video game company Namco developed the quirky, odd-ball video game named after the word “Paku” which means to […]

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Diet Coke Commercial with Carol Channing & Friends

Starring Carol Channing, the Rockettes, Sally Kellerman, Ben Vereen, Telly Savalas, Joe Namath, Bob Hope, John Forsythe, and more! And!: In a contemporaneous clip, a brassy anthropomorphic Ms. Pac Man does her best Mama Rose.

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