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FOF #2463 – Gay Sex with Straight Men

For many gay men of my generation, we grew up thinking we weren’t just the only gays in the village, but in the whole world.

If we had any chance of sleeping with a guy, we thought he would have to be straight, not realizing gay guys come in all kinds of flavors.

Today, we take a look at the facts, fantasy and phenomena of gay men having sex with straight identifying men.

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FOF #1804 – Dance Ten, Looks Three

Michael Douglas said in an interview that he didn’t think his throat cancer was the result of years of drinking and smoking, but from eating out! Not at restaurants, but at the Y.

Today Brian Sweeney joins us to talk about chest, derrieres and HPV. Does oral sex really put you at risk for cancer?

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Patrick Stewart at Wizard World 2011

Sir Patrick Stewart appeared at Wizard World 2011 to discuss how acting as a Start Trek captain changed his life and how he got the job as Professor X in the X Men because he […]

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VIDEO: Ben Quayle’s Political Ad- Improved

Wait for it! This video is going to enter the league of awesomeness.

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FOF #1202 – iPhone Sexting 4.0

Apple’s new iPhone is out of the closet. It’s thinner in size and richer in graphics, but what really gotten people’s attention is the front facing camera which allows for video chatting- Sexting just got upgraded.

And Hollywood is getting is getting randy too as many celebrities enjoying media attention from their same sex kisses. Find out who has been locking lips.

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