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FOF #2551 – Slaying America’s Youth

Trump supporters and drag queens both agree on one thing: Muffy Fishbasket is slaying all the children.

Today Muffy Fishbasket joins us to talk about Alex Jones’ InfoWars sending his own tragic drag queen Rainbow Snatch to spy in the house of love at the Austin International Drag Festival.

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IMAGE: All of 74 RuPaul’s Drag Race Contestants in One Image

Did we get it right? Although RuPaul tweeted there have been 75 contestants, since RuPaul’s Drag Race began there have been 74. Shangela competed twice in the series. I put a pink star above the […]

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PHOTO: Behold Gandalf the Fabulous

This Lord of the Rings costume tastes like strawberry.

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FOF #1839 – Bytches United To Crush Homophobia

After years of making big money playing secret concerts for the ultra rich all over the world, pop stars are singing a new tune by challenging oppressive regimes, especially when it comes to LGBT rights in Russia. Could we be seeing a Sun-City style boycott of Russia?

Today Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at the growing movement to challenge Russia’s hateful laws.

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VIDEO: This Little Girl Totally Gets It

This little girl at Toys R us is onto something when it comes to her critical analysis of of the marketing and branding of gender through childrens’ toys.  Just wish more adults were as smart […]

VIDEO: Pink Shirt Day 2011 – April 14

On Thursday April 14th, New Zealanders are being encouraged to wear pink to show they are against bullying in all forms. Inspired by a boy who was bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school, […]

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VIDEO: Pink, You’re F**King Perfect Too!

Awesome new song by Pink!  This is better than an “It Gets Better”-someday-who-knows-when-suck-it-up video.

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VIDEO: Happy Glitter Day!

Here is the song I would like to offer for consideration as the Official Glitter Day Anthem- Pink’s “Glitter In The Air”

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VIDEO: Pink’s “Raise Your Glass” Features Gay Wedding

Pink picks up a guitar and a soft butch look for a scene in her new video “Raise Your Glass.”

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Another Princess Boy

Princess boys are all over the news these days and some predict it’s going to be the hot costume on 2010. Well, heres’ another one.

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