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FOF #1560 – Awaken the Giant in Your Pants

Comedian Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at the seven effective ideas of self help gurus and what you can learn from their hogwash books to live the best life you can. No shit.

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New Zealand Pizza Chain Catches Hell for Transphobic Cookie Fortune

It’s a cute enough idea: “misfortune cookies”. An incredibly clever friend of mine even came up with a bunch of his own: ‘They all know what you did.’ ‘It shows even when you part your […]

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VIDEO: Herman Cain Pizza Song

Herman Cain sings “Imagine” but instead of world peace, he’s singing about pizza. Maybe he wouldn’t be so bad as Prez after all. Just kidding!

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VIDEO: Sam Trammell in Pizza Training

Learn how to deliver pizzas with True Blood’s Sam Trammell.

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New Blog: Bea Arthur, Mountains, Pizza

Here’s a quick and tasty blog dedicated to composite images of Bea Arthur, mountains and pizza. Delicious an mountany, with a touch of golden girl sass. Thank you for being a delicious, mountain fresh friend. […]

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FOF #995 – The War Over Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle! She says she’s never been kissed, lives with her cat Pebbles, and the video clip of her first appearance on the reality tv show Britain’s Got Talent has become the fifth most watched […]

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