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FOF #2886 – Podcast Pizza Party

With the weekend coming up, we thought today we’d kick back, put a pizza in the oven and take a look at the goodies from the week and all the hot news–

A medical miracle: doctors grow a dong on a man’s arm to replace it.

Jennifer Hudson wows the internet with her powerful and dizzying musical tribute to the late Civil Rights Leader John Lewis.

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FOF #2609- Down to Erthe

The process of writing music is tricky, sometimes songs come out almost instantly but other times, songs can take a long time to develop.

Today rhythm & blues musician Erthe St James joins us to talk about his musical journey- from his early inspiration from the Spice Girls to the trickiness of writing songs about people you’re currently in a relationship with.

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FOF #2460 – Mixing Fruit Loops and Milk

Jordan Peele’s new satirical comedy horror film Get Out is so good that we had to do another another podcast about it!

The other day, we spoke to Zach Stafford, a black guy who finds himself in awkward situations with some of his white family, and today we’re joined by Meg Grunewald, a white gal who enjoys diversity in her romantic life, and whose parents are into hypnosis and brain surgery.

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FOF #2432 – A Joan Waters Christmas

2016 can’t come to an end soon enough – with the the election of a fascist Russian puppet as president, the Zika virus, Brexit, police shootings, Syria and the losses of beloved entertainers: this year has been a never ending barrage of horrible news.

But, we have a Christmas miracle, we have a piping hot Cooking with Drag Queens Pizza Party with Joan Waters!

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Joan Waters – Mac & Cheese Pizza Party

Ain’t no party like a pizza party, cause a pizza party don’t stop! Pizza is one of those foods that makes everybody happy. Maybe it’s because it’s so versatile, you can put any topping on your pie and it comes out great!

Joining us to make this synergistic pie is the lovably goofy Joan Waters, the winner of the second season of Reddit’s Lip Sync for your Life contest.

FOF #2420 – Make Thanksgiving Great Again

After a very long election year that has divided the country, a lot of us are dreading spending the holiday season with family members who don’t share their same values, but it’s a great opportunity to bridge the divide and give thanks for what you do have in your life.

Today, we’re talking turkey with the very funny Carma Nibarger, a nurse who heals people with the power of comedy and psychotropic drugs.

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FOF #2280A – Shannon Noll is Genderqueer and Loving it

Our guest today is comedian Shannon Noll, who awoke her same-sex desires during an acting class exercise and then went home to tell her boyfriend all about it.

Besides bearing an uncanny physical resemblance to Ellen DeGeneres, Shannon is an amazing comic and on the side works as a double decker bus tour guide in downtown Chicago where she makes things up as she goes along- just like this podcast.

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FOF #2280B – Shannon Noll is Genderqueer and Loving it

In part two of our podcast “Shannon Noll is Genderqueer and Loving it” we continue our conversation with comedian Shannon Noll about her sexual and gender awakening, and the heated debate over square cut vs pie cut pizza and what shape of boob fascinate Shannon.

Plus, is Marco Rubio a closet gay Republican?

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FOF #2147 – The Holy Pizza Wars

The battle between equality and religious fundamentalism is now taking place in pizza parlors and bakeries.

What is it about white flour that makes people go nuts?

Today writer Zach Stafford from the Guardian joins us to take a look at the Holy Pizza Wars- how groups on both sides of the table are serving up politics with a side of cheese sticks in 30 minutes or less.

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FOF #2142 – #undateable

Not everyone is a master when it comes to the affairs of the heart. Comedian Joseph William Reese finds it very awkward to date and actually prefers eating dinner alone over the garbage can rather than having dinner with someone else.

Today we’re trying to change all that. Joseph joins us to talk about his floundering love life, being Trannika Rex’s drag daughter who is now in foster care and how Pearl from RuPaul’s Drag Race came out of her oyster shell fully developed.

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