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FOF #2724 – Love for Sale

In the modern age privacy has become the key battleground. World War 3 is thankfully not being fought with nuclear weapons but with dick pics and headless torsos on Grindr.

Today performance artist and cooking drag queen Vita Santa Mamita joins us to take a look at the crazy mixed up world of gay dating apps, her outrageous and delicious drag performances and her adventures as an HIV educator in Malawi.

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FOF #2524 – When Lactatia Met Vivacious

After 8 year old drag queen Lactacia managed to out-shade Bianca Del Rio in a viral video, Elle Magazine invited her to meet one of her favorite queens- Vivacious!

Today, Vivacious joins us to talk about that one drag queen who cost her a gig appearing in Katy Perry’s video, Taylor Swift’s latest diss track and of course, meeting Lactacia

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Portugal Passes Same Sex Marriage Law but Nixes Gay Adoption

The bill was approved with the support of the governing Socialist Party and other parties further to the left. Prime Minister Jose Socrates opened the debate with an appeal to back the law, saying it […]

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Portuguese Government Aims to Permit Gay Marriage

Portugal’s Socialist government has drawn up a proposal that would make Portugal the sixth European country to allow gay marriage, after Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Norway. The law is almost certain to pass, […]

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