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VIDEO: Drunk Priest Offers Oral Sex for Get Out of Jail Free Card

This Ukranian Catholic Byzantine priest was caught drunk driving and the police officers who arrested him have posted a video of the priest offering blow jobs to get released from jail. You kind of feel sorry for him, he appears so pathetic in this video that it makes you think that maybe if his church wasn’t so hateful he’d be a better person.

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VIDEO: Drag Queen Priest of Brazil

Padre Pinto, a brazilian priest from the Roman Catholic Church found his own way to say the mass as you will see for yourself in this crazy video.. Even though he got upset when he […]

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Spanish Priest Advertised Himself as Prostitute and Spent Church Funds on Porn

Samuel Martin Martin, 27, the priest of two small parishes in the central province of Toledo, posted images of himself posing in grey underpants and said he was available for sex sessions with women and […]

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Tom Goss – Back to Love

Musician Tom Goss sings his song “Tumbling Down the Mountainside” from his new album “Back to Love.” Be sure to subscribe to our new YouTube channel, Feast of Fun. | Vimeo | iTunes

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FOF #968 – Tom Goss Backs It Up

There’s just something about Tom Goss’ music that puts you in a happy and peaceful mood. Our favorite wrestler turned priest turned musician, the very loveable Tom Goss is back with his new album Back […]

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