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FOF #2572 – My Father’s Double Life

Most people’s coming out story usually ends with their friends and families either embracing them or rejecting them due to their own prejudices.

For actor Tina Alexis Allen, she was forced out of the closet by her father when he came out to her as also being gay. But that wasn’t his only secret- she soon suspected him of working undercover as a secret agent for the Vatican.

Listen as Tina Alexis Allen talks about her incredible story and why she still doesn’t fully know everything about her father’s double life.

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FOF #2266 – My Fundamental Mom & An Ode to the Bone

Comedian Marla Depew grew up as a Evangelical Fundamentalist, but thankfully her family’s grown to embrace her bisexuality. Marla even bought her mom a vibrator, which got everybody buzzing.

Her gal pal Kelly Bolton, loses herself in the colorful world of sketch comedy with one of her more memorable characters, Andy Drogymous, a drag king who writes “Odes to the Bone” – poetry about our favorite things, johnsons.

Today we’re double dating with Marla and Kelly, talking about majestic boner poetry and fundamentalist sex kitten moms.

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Yes Virginia, Some Stereotypes Have a Grain of Truth…

Not that I believe this…but sometimes preety sparkly stuff covers up the true nature of people…

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VIDEO: Homophobic Belgian Arch Bishop Hit with Pies

Not once, not twice, not three times but for a total of four times, a homophobic priest get hit with four, count them, four pies!

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