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VIDEO: Prince Poppycock Goes to Venice with Selene Luna

Prince Poppycock went to Venice with his entourage including Selene Luna to perform at Il Ballo Doge. Poppycock is documenting the trip and you don’t see him in costume in this video but you do […]

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VIDEO: Prince Poppycock With Donna Summer

America’s Got Talent is over and Poppycock may not have won, but he certainly knows how to have fun with Donna Summer.

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VIDEO: Prince Poppycock on America’s Got Talent

Prince Poppycock outdoes himself with an outrageous American themed spectacle. He even pays tribute to Harvey Milk.

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VIDEO: Prince Popppycock- Opera Drag Queen?

Never expect to see this. When that guy sing, there is a certain feature that looks like Fausto lol

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