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FOF #2658 – Varla Jean Merman, Beauty & the Beast

Folks fell in love with the she-larious Varla Jean Merman in the iconic camp film Girls will Be Girls but she stunned everyone when she recently took off her top and showed the world that the beauty is also a beast- a stunning, muscular hairy beast, with a fish tail! Today, Varla joins us to talk about how folks react to her rocking bod and how she alters her drag to make room for bodybuilding.

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FOF #2523 – Peaches Christ’s Summer in Provincetown

Every summer, professional drag queens flock to the coastal town of Provincetown to ply their feminine trade.

Today Peaches Christ joins us to talk about her adventures living in Provincetown all the summer long- rooming with Trixie Mattel, fighting against racist tourist souvenirs and how all hell broke loose when the toilets stopped working during Bear Week.

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FOF #2217 – Peaches Christ True Horror

This summer, Peaches Christ is having the time of her life performing her critically acclaimed show “Return to Grey Gardens” in the gay entertainment mecca of Provincetown.

Today Peaches Christ joins us to tell us some true tales of horror- from barking with Jinkx Monsoon to Hollywood actresses who were murdered.

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FOF #1236 – Return of Coco Peru

It’s always a good time with Coco Peru, the drag queen best known for her work in the films Trick, Too Wong Foo and Girls Will Be Girls, as well as her unforgettable appearance on TV’s Will and Grace.

Join us as Coco talks with us about the status of her Spanish marriage after the repeal of Prop 8 in California, hustling for an audience in Provincetown and if there will ever be a sequel to the camp classic “Girls Will Be Girls.”

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FOF #1223 – Jessica Halem Likes You

Comedian Jessica Halem joins us to talk about living in New Orleans after the devastation of hurricane Katrina and the impact of the BP Ecological disaster. Jessica is touring through out the country with her hilarious one woman show. Catch it if you can!

Listen as we talk with Jessica about life in New Orleans, Michigan Womyn’s Fest and all the hot hews.

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FOF #1026 – The Farrah Fawcett of Bears

Comedian Ben Lerman loves to play the ukulele. Ben might have accidentally become a bear sex symbol after hawking his show during Bear Week in the resort town of Provincetown, Massachusets.

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