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Matt Brown Tackles the Montgomery, Alabama Riverfront Brawl

Comedian Matt Brown, joins us to take a look at the memes inspired by the Montgomery, Alabama Riverfront Brawl including a mural of Harriet Tubman offering you not just her hand to freedom but a folding chair to defend your way.

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FOF #2118 – Trouble in Hornywood

Hollywood and Horny-wood are ruining everything. At least that’s what some people are saying: all types of media run the risk of perpetuating dangerous but sexy stereotypes.

Today we’re joined by Terrence Chappell, who says its okay to enjoy adult films, even when they perpetrate black stereotypes.

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FOF #2110 – Mockingbird’s Revenge

Author Harper Lee surprised the publishing world when she revealed that she’s been sitting on a sequel to her classic To Kill a Mockingbird for over 55 years. The wait is over.

Our guest today is writer Zach Stafford, who likes to stir things up on sexuality, gender and race.

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Black and White, Gay and Straight Twins

Man do I identify with these guys. You wouldn’t believe how ugly and mean people can be when you look a certain way but don’t match their expectations of an ethnic and cultural background. James […]

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VIDEO: Amazing Bike Race

VCA 2010 RACE RUN from changoman on Vimeo. If you are anything like me, this first hand video of a bike race in Chile will make your heart jump. Watch it big screen for full […]

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FOF #1114 – Feliz Na’Vi-dad

A sci-fi film with sexy blue aliens who look like drag queens? Fabulous! Will Avatar be the Star Wars of our generation or simply just another movie that mirrors our misconceptions on the nature of Nature?

Blogger Michael Lehet joins us to wrap up the year, talk about those sexy blue aliens and review the new Addams Family musical and In the Heights. In the news: CNN’s gayest NYE, the wild child, the Puma index and the Tiger Woods mistress generator.

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More About Avatar and Race

“Whether Avatar is racist is a matter for debate. Regardless of where you come down on that question, it’s undeniable that the film – like alien apartheid flick District 9, released earlier this year – is emphatically […]

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FOF #974 – Japhy Grant Tells It Like It Is

Four years ago Japhy Grant moved to Los Angeles with the hopes of becoming a screenwriter. He turned to blogging as way to find his voice and network in the entertainment industry. Today, he’s the […]

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FOF #734 – Reverend Straight

The Rev. Charles Straight was there when it happened. In the eighties he was a phlebotomist as the AIDS crisis exploded, when it was still called GRID or Gay Related Immune Disorder. Today he’s the […]

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