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Dan Cass vs. the Comedy Machine

When it feels like the whole world is falling apart, the art of comedy can help us laugh and feel better. So why are so many comedy giants bombing spectacularly?

Today Chicago comedian and comedy writer Dan Cass, who has his own comedy special “Drama Boy” coming out soon, joins us to look at the recent comedy icons’ failures to make people laugh.

Listen as we pit Dan against a killer robot from the future to see who can make people laugh harder.

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FOF #1505 – Glitter Day All Over the World

Join us as we talk about our Glitter Day festivities, the Glitter Day Pig, the true Meaning of Gliter day and all the dirt dished up at this year’s Golden Globes.

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VIDEO: Haters Gonna Hate

Now this kid has swagger! Could it be young Ricky Gervais?

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FOF #1313 – Thank You Bayard Rustin

Today we salute one of the leaders of the Civil Rights movement, a fabulous gay black man named Bayard Rustin- the chief organizer of the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.

Sadly, Rustin is largely ignored in the history of equality in this country because of his sexuality, so today we also remember the importance of his influence on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his desire for non-violent protest.

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IMAGE: Ricky Gervais in Ellen’s Panties

Who knew that Ellen’s panties were so glamorous?

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FOF #1312 – Golden Globes Go Gay

The Golden Globes! Not quite the Emmys and it’s not quite the Oscars, but you get to watch a lot of drunk celebrities on TV. You don’t get completely bored like you would at the Oscars, but you get a good show.

Listen as we mine for gay gold at the champagne infused extravaganza that is the Golden Globes. Congratulations Chris Colfer!

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Recovering Alcoholic Matthew Perry Gets Offered Free Beer From Waiter at 2010 Emmy Awards

I was trying to narrow down my favorite moment from the Emmy Awards on Sunday. Should I pick the Glee opening number? Or maybe the touching Jewell tribute to the celebrities we’ve lost in the […]

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