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FOF #2765 – Puerto Rico, My Heart’s Devotion

After a week of protests against corruption, with over half a million people peacefully surrounding the governor’s palace in Puerto Rico, Governor Ricardo Rosselló resigned in the middle of the night.

Today Pavlo Salvá, a longtime listener of the podcast and a bartender in San Juan, joins us to talk about the political revolution taking place in Puerto Rico and what this could mean for mainland Americans.

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FOF #2763 – Strike a Pose

Today queer pioneer Jack Ryan joins us to chat about his adventures way back in 1986 when he stayed in New York City as a guest of someone working on the documentary “Paris is Burning” which highlights the legendary ball scene.

Listen as we talk with Jack Ryan about Pose, living through those legendary times, and walking the category of executive butch queen realness.

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FOF #2571 – You Can’t Stop Despacito

Everyone knows the Grammys are a sham, so why are folks getting so upset that Despacito got overlooked?

Today the always fabulous Larry La Fountain, queer and Latinx studies professor at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor joins us to look at the crisis in Puerto Rico and this remarkable song’s power to change the world.

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FOF #2015 – Archie Dies

In the latest issue of the comic book Life with Archie, the happy-go-lucky ginger from Riverdale, dies taking a bullet for his gay best friend, Kevin Keller.

Today, Archie Comics artist and writer Dan Parent, who broke the news about the first gay character in Riverdale on this podcast, talks about Archie’s shocking death and the future of gun control.

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FOF #1862 – Coco Peru Comes to Chicago

One of our favorite guests is Coco Peru, best known for her hilarious appearances in the films Too Wong Foo and Trick where she famously says “It BURNS!”

Today, Coco Peru joins us to talk about her live talk show series with celebrated artists like Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Karen Black and the life lessons we’ve learned from interviewing these big but approachable stars.

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FOF #1704 – My Family is Dead

Getting together with your family over the holidays can be so stressful, sometimes we wish they were dead.

Horribly, for comedian Sean White over the past two years almost every member of his immediate family died. Listen as Sean White shares with us his incredible story, finding a new family, and doing all this while going through a divorce.

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Channing Tatums First Gig Was Dancing for Ricky Martin

Way back in 2000 Channing Tatum, a young male dancer from Florida got his first commercial gig, dancing in Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs” video. Very hot. I wonder if Ricky Martin ever took Channing Tatum […]

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Ricky Martin ”Sexy and I Know It” GLEE

Me siento avergonzado de que todos los implicados!

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FOF #1500 – Jason Stuart Never Shook Martin Lawrence’s Hand

Jason Stuart joins us to talk about coming out as a gay comedian in the 90s, opening for Ellen when both of them were in the closet and if he and Martin Lawrence ever kissed and made up.

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FOF #1491 – An Unexpected Bromance

The guys from Rye Bread Radio are back to talk about bromance- that tabloid word for relationships between guys who seem so close to each other that it may lead them to ask themselves, am I gay for my best friend?

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