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FOF #2720 – Getting Deep into Heavy Metal

With its gratuitous sex, drugs, violence and musical soundtrack, the 1981 animated film Heavy Metal became a hit with midnight movie goers, influencing films & TV shows like He-Man, Blade Runner and the 5th Element.

Today queer comic book publisher Zan Christensen joins us to take a look at Heavy Metal, it’s influence on Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner and on Zan’s current project with illustrator Yves Navant- 13: The Astonishing Lives of the Neuromantics, a space opera adventure seen through a queer lens.

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FOF #1765 – Outrageous Moments in Rock & Roll

When it comes to jaw dropping celebrity moments, nobody serves up scandal like musicians. Sex drugs and rock and roll isn’t just a catchphrase, it’s a recipe for outrageousness.

Today comedian Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at our favorite moments in music where celebrities lost their minds.

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FOF #855 – Levi Kreis Live!

You’re in for a treat today! Levi super-soaks us with his music and his voice, performing live in the home studio his hits and songs from his upcoming album “Where I Belong” scheduled to be released in January 2009.

Levi is one of those rare musicians who’s sassy personality equally matches his mastery of the piano and the power of his music is delivered by his showmanship

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Leningrad Cowboys: Sweet Home Alabama

Holy mother of the Kremlin! These cowboys are rasslin’ up some good times with bigger hairdos than Amy Winehouse. The Leningrad Cowboys is a Finnish rock and roll band formed in the 80s when the […]

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