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FOF #1641 – How I Fought Back the Bullies and Won

For Logan Kehrig, being the only openly gay kid in his high school placed him on the receiving end of a lot of awful attention from the bullies. One day members of the football team cornered him and fearing for his life, he fought back.

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IMAGES: Blake Skjellerup & Seb Stewart at Newlands College

Newlands College was the first stop on Blake and Seb’s anti-bullying tour here in Wellington. I got the opportunity to meet them and some of the faculty at the assembly. Seb is charming and quick […]

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VIDEO: Blake Skjellerup and Seb Stewart’s Anti-Bullying Road Trip

Like a sexy modern update of Goodbye Pork Pie, openly gay Olympian Blake Skjellerup and Q-Youth executive director Seb Stewart are hitting the road in a rental car and driving from Kaitaia (at the northern […]

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VIDEO: FCKH8 on The ”Don’t Say Gay” Bill (NSFW)

The fabulous foulmouths at are back to rant about the new law in Tennessee that attempts to muzzle teachers from discussing homosexuality with students in any way, shape or form. NSFW due to copious, […]

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BREAKING: White House to release new LGBT bullying guidelines to schools

It may have taken two years, but it seems the White House has figured out that Title IX protects students from anti-gay & anti-transgender bullying. Now they’re clearing up for the schools. Today, the Department […]

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