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FOF #2988 – Q-Force: From West Hollywood with Love

As LGBTQ people, we’re connected now more than ever before. We live together, we fight together and we ride together- that’s what inspired comedy writer Gabe Liedman to create Q-Force, Netflix’s new animated comedy series that takes us on an adventure with a team of queer super spies and their allies as they team up to fight evil, save the world in West Hollywood, all before Brunch.

Today Q-Force’s animators and directors Jeanette Moreno King and Alex Sayler join us to talk about the new animated series, their shared history animating The Simpsons and the new Beavis and Butthead film.

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Diva Denounces Homophobic Newsweek Article

Heterosexual actors play gay all the time. Why doesn’t it ever work in reverse? That’s the tagline to a  controversial Newsweek article that seemed to fly under many people’s radar back in late April but […]

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Today’s Least Surprising Headline – Sean Hayes is Gay

Just a shade over a decade since his initial portrayal of the outrageously gay icon Jack McFarland on NBC’s “Will & Grace,” actor Sean Hayes has finally decided to come out of the closet about […]

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