Today’s Least Surprising Headline – Sean Hayes is Gay

Mar 10, 2010 · 1985 views

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Just a shade over a decade since his initial portrayal of the outrageously gay icon Jack McFarland on NBC’s “Will & Grace,” actor Sean Hayes has finally decided to come out of the closet about […]


  1. Well stated! I also think that it’s more than just a desire to maintain privacy. Sean Hayes portrayed a character some people consider to be nothing more than gay caricature or stereotype. But when he also refused to disclose the sexual component of his identity, he seemed to create a figure that dually represented an externalized self deprecation and an internalized homophobia. Though many people have disagreed with me on this opinion, I think Sean Hayes/Jack was one of the worst things that have happened to the gay community in recent years.

  2. I swear I thought he was out. He wasn’t!? Good for him that he his now, I’m always in favor of people being out and proud of who they are.

    • Oh, I agree… but from the tone of the article, he’s laying the blame on the gay community for “outing” him. I have nothing against people who’s jobs prohibit their ability to come out, but for heaven’s sake… he portrayed one of the most well-known gay characters on network television. I feel like it was a seriously missed opportunity to be a positive role-model for young gay actors all because he was afraid of being typecast as “gay best friend” for the rest of his life. I mean, he played with Cher dolls on national TV. Did he think he was going to do “MacBeth” after “Will & Grace”? Sheesh.

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