FOF #2909 – How to Pass the Audition By Fearlessly Being Yourself

Nov 20, 2020 · 1985 views

Are auditions really as intense and intimidating in real life as they are in films like A Chorus Line and Showgirls? Acting teacher and director Anthony Meindl takes a look at how to fearlessly be yourself. Photos: amawstudios, Columbia Pictures. Illustration: Fausto Fernós.

Some folks get so nervous about going into a job interview or an audition, that their minds can’t stop thinking about those over the top demanding directors from films like A Chorus Line, All that Jazz, The Producers, Flashdance and even Showgirls.

Although those scenes certainly create some horrifying expectations, how real are they? Are dancers supposed to pick up all those moves in seconds? If we slut it up, will we break down the icy wall of the establishment? I really need this job!

You need to bring your whole self to the job, shoes not required.

Today we’re talking to acting teacher, filmmaker and director Anthony Meindl about how to put all expectations aside and be your authentic self- in your everyday life or at your job, even if you’re auditioning to be a star on Broadway.

Listen as we chat with Anthony about growing up gay in the Midwest and other fabulous stories from his new memoir, You Knew When You Were 2 and his feature film Where We Go From Here which explores relationships forever changed by gun violence including the Pulse Nightclub shooting.

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