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FOF #2824 – Pageant Queen Aurora Sexton Looks at the 1968 Documentary The Queen

One of the most influential LGBT documentaries of all time is The Queen, Frank Simon and Flawless Sabrina’s 1968 film that takes the viewer behind the scenes of a tumultuous drag pageant held in New York City two years before the Stonewall riots.

Today, Miss Gay U.S. of A pageant winner, Aurora Sexton, joins us to look at drag pageants over the decades and what it takes for a gal to make it big in the pageant circuit.

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FOF #2823 – My Name is Jake Noll

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but for trans and non binary people, it’s not all about the smell. A new name can showcase how you want to present to the world and its effect can be life changing.

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FOF #2576 – Jesus is a Helluva Drug

Whenever religious fundamentalists speak in tongues or pass out because they are overcome with the holy spirit, we wonder are they for real? Is it just peer pressure from other religious folks that makes them get into it or is Jesus really one helluva drug?

Our guest today is musician Kyra Leigh— whose new album Transfigure captures her life growing up in an evangelical Christian family in the deep South.

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FOF #2573 – The Loneliness Epidemic

Technology now allows us to connect with others more than ever, yet rates of loneliness have doubled in the since the 1980s. Today, over 40% of adults in the U.S. report feeling lonely, with some experts saying this may grow to become our #1 killer.

Today therapist and relationship expert Damon L Jacobs joins us to look at the loneliness epidemic we are facing and the ways it’s manifesting itself in hook up apps and how we think about ourselves.

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FOF #1929 – Common Mistakes Drag Queens Make

A lot of people think that being an awesome drag queen is all about the hair, make-up and costume. But in reality, being a successful drag queen requires immersing yourself into the audience and picking up on subtle cues.

Today Bob the Drag Queen reflects with us on common mistakes drag queens make, in the club and on the net.

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VIDEO: Amazing Drag Recreation of Madonna’s Superbowl Show

It’s almost unbelievable as to how incredible this recreation of Madonna’s Superbowl halftime show is.

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FOF #1519 – Madonna Wins the Superbowl

Madonna triumphantly entered the Superbowl Halftime show pulled by dozens of hot muscular gladiators while singing a quick paced medley of her hits and her new single “Give Me All Your Luvin.”

Decked out like a goddess of antiquity, Madonna channeled Nike, the Goddess of Victory. We’re not sure if she got the goddess part down, but she certainly got a lot of antiquity!

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Madonna’s Superbowl Outfit Inspired by Nike or Victoria, Goddess of Victory

You’ll read a lot of people saying that Madonna at the Superbowl Halftime show is copying Cher, Kylie Minogue, the Cat Lady, She Ra but what she’s really delivering is the Nike or the Roman […]

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VIDEO: Superbowl Aerialist Reel

The amazing show reel of Sketchy Andy who performed in Madonna’s Halftime Show during the Superbowl.

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Madonna Almost Bites the Dust During the Her SuperBowl Show

Of course Madonna’s superbowl performance was almost flawless, and she managed to keep her clothes on. But here’s a hilarious clip of Madonna almost falling during the Vouge intro of her halftime show. For those […]

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