Madonna’s Superbowl Outfit Inspired by Nike or Victoria, Goddess of Victory

Feb 6, 2012 · 1985 views

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You’ll read a lot of people saying that Madonna at the Superbowl Halftime show is copying Cher, Kylie Minogue, the Cat Lady, She Ra but what she’s really delivering is the Nike or the Roman […]


  1. I thought she was just being campy with the lyre. More subtext for those academics to write about!

  2. Curtis says:

    You missed that the number was most specifically an homage to the Elizabeth Taylor’s 1963 film “Cleopatra” the entrance to Rome scene.

  3. Curtis says:

    I do appreciate your observation. Puts a bit of perspective on this nonsensical “so and so stole from so and so”. By the way the Roman version of Nike (and Madonna’s number was costumed in a Roman style) is simply Victoria, bringing it all back to connections to FOF… The bitch stole from your niece and Victoria Lamarr – her minions are clearly listening to the podcast and stealing from YOU!

  4. Joeywood says:

    She’s also giving fierce Jlo realness.

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