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Susan Powter is Still Trying to Stop the Insanity

Today fitness guru and 90s talk show queen Susan Powter joins us to look at why there is still so much money to be made in keeping people sick.

Susan fills us in on her adventures after being a TV fitness icon, and making right wing haters in Texas drop their jaws over her outrageous passion for muscle and fitness.

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FOF #1604 – Susan Powter Fights to Stop the Insanity

After all these years, Susan Powter is still working to help people eat well and get into shape. She’s taking on the corporations that shove junk foods down our throats and coming out against the fat acceptance movement.

Remember Susan’s catch phrase “Stop the Insanity”? Well the insanity never stopped.

Susan Powter Tears Apart Fat Acceptance

Wow. Susan Powter is still very intense after all these years. Remember her “stop the insanity” fitness infomercials from the late 80s? Susan is back video blogging, and she’s taking no prisoners. Watch as she […]

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FOF #1093 – Less Than Zero

Voting begins today in the People’s Choice Podcast Awards! Feast of Fun is thrilled to be nominated for two prizes this year, Best GLBT podcast and the top category of People’s Choice. Please vote once every day until November 30.

Victoria Lamarr joins us to wiegh in on the news: Carrie Prejean meltdown, Lou Dobbs quits CNN, Levi Johnston’s chilly photoshoot, Susan Powter’s crazy blog and Google to support full resolution high definition videos.

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