FOF #1093 – Less Than Zero

Nov 13, 2009 · 1985 views

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Victoria Lamarr joins us to wiegh in on the news: Carrie Prejean meltdown, Lou Dobbs quits CNN, Levi Johnston’s chilly photoshoot, Susan Powter’s crazy blog and Google to support full resolution high definition videos.



    LOL @ the Phoenix confusion 🙂

    But, officially…….Seth lives in Tempe and I live in downtown Phoenix. A lot of people refer to anyone who lives in our general area as living in Phoenix. The Phoenix Metro area comprises many suburbs and is actually, in reality… giant city. But much more organized than LA and much easier to get around. Tempe is just a few miles east of Phoenix and is where ASU is headquartered, and is part of what is called the East Valley, where Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert and other EV cities are located.

    OK, enough for the geography lesson. You’ll get to see and experience all of it when you guys are here in April!!!!!!!

    Great show today……..have an awesome weekend. We are loving our fall weather as it finally dropped into the 70s here…….time for a jacket!!! lol

    PS. My podcast name is pronounced like N-eye-docast 🙂 thanks for the constant promo of it!!! luv ya guys!!!

  2. Cliff Dix says:

    Oh the lovely Miss Lamarr, I was just thinking of you yesterday. Mostly wondering where you were. Glad to hear your health is so much better. Always a great show. And the sex phone operator talk was too sexy. Grrrrrrrr!

  3. victoria lamarr says:

    THANK YOU Cliff Dix i was thinking of you guys

  4. Bougie says:

    #fof1093Ms. LaMarr,Congradulations on your recent stats.The world needs more beauty queens like you, and not carrie prejudge who is about 11 minutes away from doing a “Donkey Show” on the wrong side of Tiajuanna.

  5. Komio says:

    amazing show you guys always have me and my boyfriend laughing on the commute to EAT!!! … yes.. hah

    great to see an icon like Vmar back on the show and we’re happy your results came back as a positive presence in your life, we could always use more of those uplifting moments 🙂


  6. Andy says:

    Good to hear Vmar is doing well and her health condition is much better. 🙂

    As always the show with Vmar was great!

  7. VMar, go to the Bedding Experts at Clark & Winnemac (The big blue house that used to be an aquarium). My roommate Jill, the store manager, will make you a great deal on a twin mattress. Just tell her Ryan sent you. lol

  8. Warning says:

    Lou Dobbs had his house shot at on Oct 5 when he and his wife (who btw is mexican american) were standing outside

    this was written in the new york times. i left a link in my last comment about lou dobbs

  9. victoria lamarr says:

    hello guy
    Fausto have ask me to be a theater critic
    so here go , the play Fresh squeezed , staring Michael Kearns
    was like take a trip back in time , i laugh and cry i could feel his pain
    he set the stag on fire , you could feel he was going so deep in to his soul
    he you could feel his pain he is a great actor ,a must see
    location Victory Garden at the Biograph Theater .

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