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FOF #1180 – The Right to Love

It’s been an intense week! The Chicago Tribune published a feature on the Feast of Fun, calling us the “Oprah of Gay Podcasting,” describing how we took a little cabaret show and transformed it into the world’s biggest gay talk show.

Our good friend Michael Lehet joins us to hold our hand and to make sense of it all, talk about his Equality Illinois Bus Trip and why some gay podcasters can’t seem to enjoy seeing one of their own make it big.

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Chicago Tribune: “the Oprah of gay podcasting”

Read the feature on the Feast of Fun podcast by the Chicago Tribune’s Rex W. Huppke where Feast of Fun is called the “Oprah of gay podcasting.”

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FOF #1093 – Less Than Zero

Voting begins today in the People’s Choice Podcast Awards! Feast of Fun is thrilled to be nominated for two prizes this year, Best GLBT podcast and the top category of People’s Choice. Please vote once every day until November 30.

Victoria Lamarr joins us to wiegh in on the news: Carrie Prejean meltdown, Lou Dobbs quits CNN, Levi Johnston’s chilly photoshoot, Susan Powter’s crazy blog and Google to support full resolution high definition videos.

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FOF #1084 – Mark of the She-Wolf

Marc and Fausto perform a comedy skit about a man who is bitten by a she wolf and becomes a tranny werewolf. In the news: Hate crime bill signed, “Masculine Health Day” in China, and an iPhone ap that drives a car.

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FOF #1083 – Hocus Poke Us

Shivian Balaris of talks about the roots of Halloween, the origins of jack-o-lanterns, why witches ride broomsticks and the reason cats are so closely associated with the occult. Shivian also casts a spell on the listening audience to bring them great fortune.

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FOF #1082 – Inside the NO H8 Campaign

Fashion photographer Adam Bouska and his partner, Jeff Parshley, founded the “NO H8 Campaign” to promote the overturn of Proposition 8. The campaign shows photos of people dressed in white shirt against a white background with their mouths covered in duct tape in silent protest and the words NO H8 emblazoned across their cheek.

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FOF #1076 – The Legendary Gaye Adegbalola

Blues musician Gaye Adegbalola plays in our studio her greatest hits. She’s wrapping up her farewell tour with her band Saffire, talking about her work in the civil rights movement of the 1960s, what drives her passion in music and why fighting shame is so critical for gay liberation.

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FOF #1073 – Equality Marches On

Our live coverage of the 2009 National Equality March, where thousands of people marched on the nation’s capital to demand full equal rights for all GLBT people.

FOFA #853 – Horror Movies Every Gay Man Must See

Look out behind you! Do not go in there! Watch out! You always see it coming, but somehow, the victim in many horror films is always ridiculously unaware that they are about to be bludgeoned […]

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FOF #1070 – Tamale is Bound and Determined

Comedian and interdisciplinary artist Tamale Sepp talks about her unusual dissertation, “Bound and Determined” which examines the ways we willingly get ited up in order to liberate ourselves.

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