FOF #1082 – Inside the NO H8 Campaign

Oct 27, 2009 · 1985 views

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Fashion photographer Adam Bouska and his partner, Jeff Parshley, founded the “NO H8 Campaign” to promote the overturn of Proposition 8. The campaign shows photos of people dressed in white shirt against a white background with their mouths covered in duct tape in silent protest and the words NO H8 emblazoned across their cheek.


  1. Chickengirl says:

    I think what these guys are doing is great! the campaign is very effective looking IMO

    but when I was in L.A. this past summer I noticed a lot of signs in the WEHO area that said something about repealing PROP 8 in 2010 or something? they looked pretty official. There were a bunch of different ones in the Hamburger Mary’s I went to are they gonna try and repeal PROP 8 in the future again?

    but yeah, more power to these guys!

  2. Xavi says:

    who is this opra (sp?) you speak of?!

  3. Polo Drew says:

    Jeff and Adam are a great example of the kind of direct action that changes the hearts and minds of the everyday middle of the road american voters. It is great to hear how they channeled their hurt and anger at Prop 8 into a simple, effective message of the real consequences of things like Prop 8. Thanks Fausto and Marc for documenting their advocacy for equal rights.

  4. petesnj75 says:

    Don’t want to be a dick, but Scott Ian is the guitarist for Anthrax, not the singer. He is a very cool guy and very supportive of gay rights in a scene that is very homophobic (heavy metal). I would love for you to interview a metal star about being gay (Rob Halford comes to mind).

    LOVE the show

    loyal fan


    • Thanks for the feedback Pete! We’d love to talk to them, can you help set it up? As a general rule we don’t do phone interviews with musicians, but we’d be happy to interview Rob in person if he’s in town.

      Would make a great unplugged set, don’t you think?

      • petesnj75 says:


        I think Rob Halford lives in England. He is the lead singer of Judas Priest and an out gay man for those listeners who don’t know. Scott Ian lives in the NYC area, but I don’t know how much he could contribute besides saying that he is cool with the gays.

        I think a show with out heavy metal/hard rock musicians/DJs could be interesting. Here in NYC, a new gay bar just opened that caters to the rock crowd. I love my Madge and Brit, but I am a rock guy at heart.


      • Do you want to rock and roll all night and party every day, or just every other day?

  5. petesnj75 says:


    I can barely muster up the strength for once a month at this point! Getting old sucks.

    Rock on


  6. And here is the end result!

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