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With Equal Marriage Victories in California & Washington, It’s Time to Step Up in Illinois!

With this week’s victory over California’s Proposition 8 and next week’s likely passage of marriage equality legislation in the State of Washington, it’s a golden opportunity to push for full marriage equality here in the […]

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AFER’s Lead Attorneys David Boies & Theodore B. Olson Awarded Top Legal Honor by American Bar Association

Fighting to End Inequality & Secure the Freedom to Marry for All Americans, AFER’s Legal “Dream Team” Given Rare Award; Recognized for “Exceptional and Distinguished Service to the Law”

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Prop 8 bombshell: Take that, Dan Savage, it WAS the ads!

Score yet another point in the column for not being racist. What is that, 93,000,000 points by now? Despite some folks’ best efforts to pin Prop 8 on the straight black community or Fresno or […]

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Prop 8 Trial closes–now the waiting begins

Ted Olson and David Boies eloquently presented their closing arguments in Wednesday’s close of the Proposition 8 trial in California–will it be enough to convince Judge Walker to overturn Prop 8?

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A dynamic duo and an odd couple

By now, you’ve probably heard all of the hub-ub about Elton John and Rush Limbaugh. No, they didn’t same-sex-smooch, like these gentlemen: (By the way, if any of you know the gentleman directly behind them, […]

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FOF #1082 – Inside the NO H8 Campaign

Fashion photographer Adam Bouska and his partner, Jeff Parshley, founded the “NO H8 Campaign” to promote the overturn of Proposition 8. The campaign shows photos of people dressed in white shirt against a white background with their mouths covered in duct tape in silent protest and the words NO H8 emblazoned across their cheek.

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FOF #874 – Election Hangover

There is much to celebrate! Barack Obama, the Senator from Illinois made history this week as the first black candidate to be elected president of the U S of A! People are thrilled! So why […]

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