Prop 8 bombshell: Take that, Dan Savage, it WAS the ads!

Aug 3, 2010 · 1985 views

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Score yet another point in the column for not being racist. What is that, 93,000,000 points by now? Despite some folks’ best efforts to pin Prop 8 on the straight black community or Fresno or […]


  1. In all honesty, their messaging about “teaching homosexuality in schools” was just too effective. If we want to mount a campaign to legalize marriage in a state like Washington that has a ballot initiative process, we need to be sure we have a strong counter to that “they’re going to teach teh ghey in school” argument. End of story.

  2. Bill Hohn says:

    Another chance to smack Dan Savage for you guys! I wish he had a show on HLN or MSNBC to rouse the rabble & take on the right wing talking assholes. He does get glbtq issues out there, doesn’t he?

  3. Why is Dan in the headline and then nothing in the body of the blog about him? What’s the connection?

    I also blogged about the Prop 8 Report- and included the video from the report author- I think everyone should give it a view-

    It seemed the biggest take away is that people feel somehow that letting there kids know that gay is ok is will somehow make them gay.

  4. Here’s a thoughtful article

    Race And Gay Marriage In Perspective

    The family is not just a building block of civilizations, but a defense against civilizations which, so often, prove themselves unworthy of the name. Thus gay marriage is, to me, not about relieving homophobes of their burdensome ignorance but about the right of gays to defend themselves against that ignorance.


    So we were right all along. Listen to our interview with the Rev. Charles Straight: “FOF #882 – Rev. Straight Talks About Prop. 8” done in November of 2008.

  6. Xavi says:

    the campaign’s internal polling always had our side losing so not sure if those 687,000 actually moved or were just more accurately polled.

    at a town hall i attended in SF i learned that not only were those we lost white democrats, but they were overwhelmingly female. with abortion parental notification defeated on the same ballot as prop 8 that told me that a young mother is OK with her not knowing her daughter is having an abortion but is NOT ok with same sex marriage. you would think that among our strongest supporters would be pro-choice white women. WRONG.

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