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FOF #2668 – Candy and Ghost Sluts

Ghosts can be very scary but they can also be sexy as hell. Ghosts can take on any shape or form, so when it’s time to get it on, they can be the perfect lover.

Joining us today is our gal pal comedian Carma Nibarger to talk about our wildest ghost fantasies and the real reason for the Halloween season- candy!

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FOF #2074A – Till Death Do Us Part

Trump says our marriage is a done deal and Deven Green says its her favorite appearance on the podcast, so here it is- our wedding ceremony, officiated by Deven Green with special musical appearances by Tracy Tyler and Manny Capozzi.

Listen as we take you on a journey of our relationship, our ups and downs and we truly get legally married forever and ever.

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FOF #2116 – Stick it or Lick it

When it comes to her sex life, comedian Ali Clayton draws with all the crayons in the box.

Today the hilarious Ali Clayton joins us for an intense podcast as she shares with us her teenage substance abuse stories, bombing at the Apollo Theater and putting all her exes on blast.

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FOF #2074 – Till Death Do Us Part

For many gay folks, being able to legally marry the one you love has been nothing short of a fantasy. But thanks to decades of hard work, people in most states in the country are now able to legally tie the knot.

On today’s show, wedding bells are a ringing, and guess who is getting married? We are! Officiated by Deven Green with special musical apperances by Tracy Tyler and Manny Capozzi.

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FOF #1922 – I Need a Man

As the unstoppable train of equality chugs forward, a lot of gay people are finding their sex lives on blast, discussed out in the open. Once an underground thing, same-sex sex is not only very visible and available, it’s become part of mainstream marriage.

Along with this change comes a lot of new experiences and anxiety over what a relationship should be like. Today we’re taking a look at people’s apprehension over having open or traditional relationships.

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With Equal Marriage Victories in California & Washington, It’s Time to Step Up in Illinois!

With this week’s victory over California’s Proposition 8 and next week’s likely passage of marriage equality legislation in the State of Washington, it’s a golden opportunity to push for full marriage equality here in the […]

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VIDEO: Michelle and Marcus Bachmann on Marriage.

If you haven’t heard him speak yet, turn the volume down because Marcus Bachmann’s speaking voice will cause your gaydar to explode.  This video by SecondCity is great.  Watch how much he’s sweating before he […]

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Empire State Building by Michael Key

New York wedding bells will ring ahead of schedule!

New York political leaders are very eager to get one huge state going on gay marriage quicker; they’re opening offices on a Sunday to do it.

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VIDEO: Auto-tuned “I Won’t Get Married Till I Get a Job” Girl

The little feminist who repeats over and over again that she won’t get married until she gets a job first just got auto-tuned.

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VIDEO: Woman Finds Out Her Fiancee Is Gay

Author Kiri Blakeley talks with Meredith Viera about her book “Can’t Think Straight: A Memoir of Mixed-Up Love,” which details her finding out that her fiancee of ten years was gay. The news was so alarming that she had a psychotic break with reality.

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