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FOF #2446 – Gagabowl

Conservatives get nervous about art, because great art inspires people to see the world in new ways, and challenges the status quo. So it’s no wonder Trump supporters and the National Rifle Association were up in arms when they heard one of the most progressive pop stars ever, Lady Gaga, was going to perform during the the Super Bowl Halftime show.

Today, we take a closer look at Lady Gaga’s spectacular Super Bowl Halftime show

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FOF #2161 – Born on Pride

Pride Month of June is just around the corner and it seems like people are more divided than ever- activists crying out against an all white celebration of Paris is Burning, British art icon David Hockney saying gays have become boring and bloggers languishing over the future of gay culture.

Joining us today is comedian Cody Melcher, whose birthday this year lands on the same day as Chicago’s Pride parade and the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.

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VIDEO: Sweden Wins Eurovision 2012 in Baku

Europhoria by Loreen – she won the Eurovision song contest 2012 for Sweden The Eurovision Song Contest, an annual singing contest as famous for its outrageous stage shows as for its vocal performances, headed into […]

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Dev in Eric Saade’s ”Hotter Than Fire” Music Video

Swedish heartthrob Eric Saade (who represented Sweden this year in the Eurovision Song Contest)  recently released his new music video to the first single off of his “Saade, Vol. 2.” Cool moves! At least this […]

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VIDEO: Swedish Merriment

I don’t know what’s happening at the :22 mark but I like it.

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FOF #1428 – Mister Leather Europe’s American Vacation

Although leather as a sexual fetish came from gay men’s appreciation for the masculine independence of the 1950s American biker culture and films, Europeans took it to new heights with the super sexual imagery of the artist Tom of Finland.

Today we’re chatting with the very cute Martin Cedergren, Mister Leather Europe 2007 who Marc just happened to run into at Hollywood Beach, our local Gay Beach.

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Genderless Preschool in Sweden

AT the Egalia preschool, staff avoid using words like “him” or “her” and address the 33 kids as “friends” rather than girls and boys. From the colour and placement of toys to the choice of […]

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