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FOF #2163 – Vivacious Zhooshes It Up

Mother has arrived- again! We simply adore Vivacious, the fierce New York City drag queen whose entrance wearing a second head made of a foam wig stand left an indelible mark on the viewers of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Today Vivacious zhooshes her pussy, steps it up, turns it out and works it out, serving up all tea, all tea. Listen as she weighs in on the season 7 girls of RuPaul’s Drag Race,

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FOF #1566 – My Weekend with Ben Cohen

Guess who has been hanging out with rugby superhunk Ben Cohen? Circuit Mom!

Today Matthew Harvat, the man behind Circuit Mom talks about the fabulous circuit party scene and her new project with former rugby star Ben Cohen.

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VIDEO: William Shatner and Taiwanese Boy Sing “Total Eclipse of the Heart”

Capt. Kirk and the Boy from Taiwan that can sing like Whitney!

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Taiwanese Boy Sings Whitney

This boy sure does a great Whitney Houston.

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At the Shrine of Ta Yeh, the Gay Rabbit God

Gays living in Taiwan are now turning to the Gay Rabbit God to answer their prayers. “Ta Yeh” was a man that got killed for cruising a ruling official in 18th-century China in the bathroom. […]

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