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MARC’S LIST: Tiger Woods, Gay Power Ranger, Scorpion & Snake Wine

Here’s a list of the website stories I’ve read today including- scorpion and snake wine, Tiger Woods’ ex-wife speaks, gay Power Ranger and dating advice for the ugly but well endowed.

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VIDEO: Tiger Woods’ Bulging Dick

When I saw the words “bulging disk” on the TV the other day in reference to Tiger Woods, I had to do a double take. Apparently this reporter did too.

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FOF #1134 – Suit Fetish

Everybody likes a well dressed man or woman, it seems Tiger Woods loves both. Playboy model Loredana Jolie revealed that Tiger isn’t “normal” because he likes having sex for hours & loves to see guys and gals go gay while he wears a suit.

Plus, Kirstie Allie’s new twitter flame war, Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address, the Chinese government drafts a law to jail people who eat dogs and cats, Robotic Groundhog Day and thousands of queer folks in Australia to pose nude for photographer Spencer Tunicks.

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Tiger Woods – Shirtless on the Cover of Vanity Fair

February Ccver Preview: The shattering of Tiger Woods’s pristine image has been one of the most epic falls from grace in modern history. Buzz Bissinger explores how a champion lost himself. Photographs by Annie Leibovitz. […]

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Wood’s Wood Warrants New Sponsorship Deals

Tiger’s been losing endorsement deals left and right. I guess he had to lower his bar sometime. See more funny Tiger pics at My Dog Ate My Blog.

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I’m Tiger Woods [NSFW – Audio]

We knew Tiger Woods was freaky but damn… just damn. Please to enjoy this hilariously (and definately NSFW) clip starring Donald Glover, co-star of NBC’s Community.

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Tiger Woods Mistress: “We have crazy Ambien sex.”

Tiger Wood’s mistress Rachel Uchitel has been yakking it up with her friends (allegedly) that she and Mr. Woods had been doing a bunch of drugs when they were having sex. Guess what drugs they […]

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FOF #1104 – Tiger Woods Says: I’m Gay

Is all the drama with Tiger Woods and his baby momma because he’s gay? Listen to today’s show, we have the scoop.

Our talk gal pal Summer Nettles returns to dish it up on men, manhood and sizable endowments and Aretha Franklin’s odd looking fur coat!

Sarah Palin joins the birthers, so we start a movement to question her humanity. Is the moose momma from Alaska a lizard alien with a great pair of legs hatched from the “V” mothership?

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