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FOF #2417 – Take the Mannequin Challenge

Things get heated every presidential election but this current one has lots of folks losing their minds because an Internet Troll named Donald Trump just might become president.

Today, our lovable optimist and mental health expert Carma Nibarger joins us to take a look at why people turn to fringe politics and religion when shit hits the fan.

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FOF #1961 – Blast-Off to Planet Tammie Brown

Tammie Brown is out of this world. A fan favorite from the first Season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Tammie struck a chord with people because of her quirky sensibilities and seemingly random catchphrases.

Today Tammie joins us to talk about her brand new album Hot Skunkx, her bushy painted on eyebrows, her grief with Santino Rice and why she wants to liberate orcas.

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FOF #1819 – Doomsday for DOMA

Good news everyone! Just in time for Pride, the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act and told the backers of Prop 8 “you have no power here. Be gone!”

The Supreme Court decided that DOMA had to go because it put same-sex couples in the unstable position of being in a demeaning, second-tier marriage and humiliates tens of thousands of children being raised by same sex couples.

The Prop 8 ruling took a more hands off approach, leaving in place a trial court’s declaration that California’s voters ban was unconstitutional.

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