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FOF #2665 – A Dose of a Freaky Ghost

Maybe people are attracted to ghosts because they are often used in literature and film as a metaphor for humankind’s sometimes world weary existence.

Today the hilarious Brian Sweeney joins us to talk about ghosts: how do ghosts in films and TV shows jive with people’s reported supernatural experiences?

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FOF #2423 – Saved by Saved by the Bell

Even though Saved by the Bell went off the air in 1993, it still has a firm grip on popular culture, so much so that sometimes it really does feel like it’s Zach’s world and we are just living in it.

Today, Saved By the Bell’s Executive Producer Peter Engel, joins us to talk about his new memoir “I Was Saved by the Bell: Stories of Life, Love and Dreams that Do Come True”

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VIDEO: South Park In Real Life

Just like the “real life” version of the Simpson theme that was produced a while back, here’s a short clip of South Park in Real Life!

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2010 Emmy Recap

The Emmy Awards show is possibly the gayest awards show on television. Well, maybe the gayest after the Oscars, the Grammy’s, the Tony’s, and the NewNowNext awards. The Emmy Awards are definitely top five! Either […]

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VIDEO: That’s Gay- Faking It

Don’t you love it when the host gets angry?

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Golden Girls: the Reality Series?

You read that correctly.  If you haven’t heard yet, a show called Sunset Daze premiered last night on WE.  Basically, it takes the premise of the classic sitcom Golden Girls to a new level and documents the lives of a […]

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FOF #1174 – Adios Ugly Betty

Ay dios mio, Ugly Betty is over! The TV show was not only a huge breakthrough for Hispanic people, but for gay folks as well, giving us some incredibly touching moments between gay men of different generations. Ugly Betty will always be beautiful in our hearts.

Join us as we talk about convicts escaping prison disguised as sheep, the Evil Swiss clown who makes a living stalking children for their birthdays, Larry King files for divorce and Mike Huckabee responds to his “adopt puppies” slam.

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TV Mom is Big Lesbo!

Meredith Baxter, most famous as the Mom from the 80’s hit TV show “Family Ties” and who played the older sister on one of my favorite 70’s dramas “Family” has  come out publicly as a […]

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Shows “Go Gay” for Ratings

TV shows are known for ratings stunts during sweeps. Characters get married, have babies, die or visit alternate universes in order to stop an army of organic/mechanical hybrids that eat thermometers to stay alive–which seems […]

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