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FOF #2863 – Amanda Cohen: Fashion in the Age of Coronavirus

One of the biggest changes in the age of the Rona is our fashion. Folks are still trying to express themselves in their video teleconferences and sometimes the results are hilarious.

Pants? What are pants? Folks wear pajamas all day long, heads are shaved and if they go outside at all, they look like bank robbers.

Today comedian Amanda Cohen, best known as one of the most challenging people to appear on the makeover reality TV show What Not to Wear joins us to take a look at fashion in the age of Coronavirus.

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This gif Speaks for Itself

Actor Taylor Lautner speaks without words.

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PHOTO: Twilight Goes Gay

We always knew Jacob was gay. Don’t be jealous, it was scale.

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VIDEO: Twilight Breaking Dawn Trailer

‎The honor of your presence is requested to witness the headbaord smashing, honeymoon sex of necrophiliac Isabella Marie Sawn and the very fertile, but dead, Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. I have so many questions, like […]

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IMAGES: Taylor Lautner’s Abs Make Everything Better

A collection of images superimposed with Taylor Lautner’s incredible abs. Now don’t we all feel better?

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VIDEO: Kagan Asked about Twilight

Kagan was asked if she we would rule in favor of team Edward or team Jacob during her Senate confirmation hearings. Why are they making such a big deal out of her sexuality?

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Twilight Fans Create Tent City

Although the next episode of the Twilight sequel – Eclipse – doesn’t open for another week, more than 500 people have set up a tent city on Nokia Plaza to get ready for the premiere […]

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PHOTO: Taylor Lautner’s New Moon Poster Photoshopped Abs from Another Model

I still believe Taylor Lautner is hot and has a great looking body, so why did the studio need to paste this guys abs onto his? What’s fascinating is that “Anita” the woman who put […]

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Barbie Collector Doll Pink Label Twilight Jacob Doll

It looks like Mattel is realizing who really buys theirs their dolls!  Can’t wait !!

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Twilight Kisses

Twilight is everywhere. Get used to it! OK, all I really wanted to do was post that pic!

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