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Mr Welshy Makes the Muscle Haters His Motivators

Your body is an battleground. Whenever you post pictures online, there’s always someone ready to tear you down because they think you took some magic pill to look the way you do.

Today bodybuilder Welshy joins us from his home gym in Cardiff, Wales to talk about getting huge, his swolle inspirations and making the haters eat it.

Our friend Welshy in the UK is living his dream of being a jacked muscle god that makes the haters come out as being secret admirers, whether they admit it or not.

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FOF #2294A – Charlie Hides Makes Madonna’s Nightmares Into Reality

One of our favorite YouTube comedians is Charlie Hides who brings to life an ocean of hilarious divas, including an angst ridden Madonna fretting over her career while being tormented by other divas like Cher and Lady Gaga.

Today, we chat with Charlie about sneaking into clubs as a young drag queen, working with Kylie Minogue and tapping into a diva’s psyche.

FOF #2294B – Charlie Hides Makes Madonna’s Nightmares Into Reality

In part two of “Charlie Hides Makes Madonna’s Nightmares Into Reality” we continue chatting with Charlie Hides about his long career in drag and how he manages to create his brilliant videos.

Plus, Charlie’s in the Ab Fab movie with Chris Colfer, and if Charlie were to bake a cake, what kind of cake would he bake?

FOF #2097 – Michelle Visage Wins Celebrity Big Brother UK

The time has come for Michelle Visage to give lip for her life! Our favorite judge from RuPaul’s Drag Race is on the new fairy tale themed season of Celebrity Big Brother UK, and let’s face it, she’s pretty much won the show.

Joining us today is “The Real Elf” Tommy Holl who spent the holidays dressed up in red tights for his second career as a Christmas media personality and mascot.

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VIDEO: All Men Can Be Husbands

Gotta love this romantic video from the UK in support of marriage equality. via

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UK Black Pride 2010

Excerpts from UK  BLack Pride 2010

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UPDATED: Trannyshack UK Wins Lawsuit Brought By Heklina

As I reported earlier this year, Heklina, the San Francisco drag queen and founder of the long running Trannyshack drag show sued a British outfit for copyright infringement. Heklina claimed that Trannyshack UK is being […]

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UK’s Oldest Tweeter Dies at 104

Ivy Bean had 52,000 followers on Twitter at the time of her death at 104. She tweeted about her daily life and her friends and she was followed by quite a few famous people. Her […]

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UK to Get Full Gay Marriage Rights

Britain has an unusual coalition of two political parties running the country. Although the prime minister is a conservative (the Tory Party), the much more liberal — and smaller — Liberal Democrats are an equal […]

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High Court in UK Allows Gay Asylum Seekers to Stay

The Supreme Court has allowed appeals by two gay asylum seekers who faced persecution if returned home. Both men had been refused asylum in the UK on the grounds that they could avoid ill-treatment by […]

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