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FOF #2677 – Great Moments in African American Viral Food Videos

Many African American people cherish family gatherings where food and love is abundant, so naturally many of the great moments in viral videos made by black folks are also some of the yummiest.

Today comedian Matt Brown joins us to take a look at some amazing African American viral food videos. Listen as we savor James Wright Channel’s glorious tribute to Patti Labelle’s Sweet Potato Pies that made them sell out at Walmart.

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FOF #1823 – Beyond What What in the Butt

In the early days of YouTube, flight attendant Samwell Norman got together with his friends and put out a music video “What What in the Butt” based on an inside joke about his butt.

As of today, the video video has become it’s own sexy beast, with over 55 million views, and led to an entertainment career for Samwell. Today Samwell Norman joins us to talk about his life and career after the viral success of “What What in the Butt.”

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Best Videos of 2010

Youtube is counting down to the new year with this year’s top 31 videos. Releasing one video each day, this is a fast & fun way to look back on the best viral videos of 2010. Will Youtube do the year justice?

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The Viral Remix

Wrath of Zod over on YouTube took some of the best viral videos of the past few months and created a huge dance remix kinda thingy….check it out. Sorta makes me wanna get the MP3 […]

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Leading by Example

This is Ryan with 300 words (or less) to make your Memorial Day even better! 222 T-Shirts+ Stop Motion= Successful Viral Video Earlier this year, RhettandLink posted T-Shirt War, an instant success and one of […]

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VIDEO: Children Singing Lady Gaga

We’re not sure if this kid is going to grow up to be gay, but one thing is for sure, he’s already fabulous! Check out this video of Timmy, an adorable red-headed kid singing and […]

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VIDEO: Liza Minelli is a Woman of Few Words

An important announcement from Liza Minnelli. [A New YouTube collage by video artist Chuck Meyers.]

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Nom Nom Kitty

The internet was built for kittens, porn and Feast of Fun.

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O-Mazing Grace

We’re not sure what’s wrong with this guy, and maybe it’s the intense grief of losing a close friend or maybe relative. But everyone can agree that his wonderfully slow, off-key butchered rendition of the […]

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Do the Panda Dance

Panda, panda, don’t you wanna, wanna panda? We decided to dress up as pandas for Halloween. Our video is in tribute to “Annoying Asians” where two Korean guys who captured our hearts and minds when […]

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