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FOF #1840 – To Russia With Love

As Russia escalates its horrific crackdown on LGBT people, there’s a lot of talk happening about how to best support LGBT Russians, with some calling the Vodka Boycott misguided because it doesn’t take into consideration the wishes of actual Russian gay activists.

Joining us today is Andy Thayer from Chicago’s Gay Liberation Network, who has tirelessly fought  for years to bring attention to the situation happening in Russia and has even been arrested several times for participating in Pride parades in Moscow.

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FOF #1835 – Love the Hypocrite, Hate the Hypocrisy

One of the biggest shortcomings of the world’s largest religions is the way they deal with sexuality. Although they condemn most sex acts, in reality it’s mostly a don’t ask, don’t tell mentality.

Joining us today is the fabulous actor and comic Fawzia Mirza, to talk about why religious leaders are suddenly saying progressive things about LGBT folks.

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FOF #1834 – The Russian Vodka War

In response to the Russian government’s horrific crackdown on it’s LGBT people, activists are asking bars across the world to boycott Russian made vodka.

Joining us is blogger Nico Lang who has plenty to say about the impending Russian Vodka War, the whole vodka marketing racket and all the sizzling hot news–

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