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FOF #2271A – Farewell to the King of the Freaks

Season 12 of Feast of fun is here! Although we are ready to celebrate our anniversary, we are also experiencing the tragic loss of David Bowie, the influential gender and genre defying artist whose amazing career lasted decades and helped open up the world to LGBT artists and nonconformists of all shapes and sizes. Part 1 of 2.

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FOF #2023 – Happy Birthday to Everyone

Ever notice why the song Happy Birthday is conspicuously absent from TV shows and movies? It’s because Happy Birthday is one of the most contested copywriter songs in history. Now a filmmaker’s lawsuit is about to change everything.

Today comedian Mo Welch joins us to take a look at annoying birthday songs, being a lesbian in Lez Angeles, Gayelles and the Clitteratti.

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FOF #1900 – Keep Calm and Carry On

Getting caught up in the Christmas deluge, we often forget about that little holiday no one really cares about- Hanukkah. Christians don’t know what it is and Jewish people often dismiss it by saying “it’s not Jewish Christmas.” It’s like eight whole days of nothing.

Today, the hilarious Reena Calm, who has been disappointed by Hanukkah her whole life joins us to talk about the holiday that isn’t and how she’d trade a Hanukkah bush for a burning bush anytime.

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FOF #1834 – The Russian Vodka War

In response to the Russian government’s horrific crackdown on it’s LGBT people, activists are asking bars across the world to boycott Russian made vodka.

Joining us is blogger Nico Lang who has plenty to say about the impending Russian Vodka War, the whole vodka marketing racket and all the sizzling hot news–

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