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VIDEO: Elvira’s Wig Auction, Drag Queens & Divas, That’s Gay

We are estatic because Elvira, the bona-fide Mistress of the Dark has generously donated her old wig and lots of other memorabilita to help save the Feast of Fun podcast. Watch the video as we take a look back at some of the bigger news items and podcasts of the week and show you all the goodies up for auction on eBay.

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VIDEO: Thieves Steal $70,000-90,000 Worth of Human Hair

A Chicago beauty store was robbed of $70,000-90,000 worth of human hair. That must be some wig the robbers plan on building.

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Tranny Makeover

Twenty-five yeTwenty-five year old Nicole recently lost almost 60 pounds–but you’d never know that by looking at her wardrobe. Many months have passed since her dramatic weight loss, yet she’s still wearing her “fat clothes” […]

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Oh No She Didn’t! Brazilian Drag Queen Gets Her Wig Snatched Off on Camera

Here’s some news footage of Miss Gay Brazil 2009 being interviewed after the pageant. Right in the middle of the interview some angry contestant ran right up to her and snatched her wig and crown […]

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Forced Feminization – Feast of Fun

Daphne Dumount (Marc Felion) has gone too far, so her gal pals Saltina Bouvier (Fausto Fernós) and Victoria Lamarr (Matthew Bogseth) give her a good dose of harsh beauty treatments. Edited by Nathan Adloff, camera […]

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