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The True ”Risen” Christ

Controversial crucifix creates rift at Warr Acres church  with depiction of Jesus’ boner.  I’d buy one!

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Tranny Makeover

Twenty-five yeTwenty-five year old Nicole recently lost almost 60 pounds–but you’d never know that by looking at her wardrobe. Many months have passed since her dramatic weight loss, yet she’s still wearing her “fat clothes” […]

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Street Hero, Brooklyn Boys

Brooklyn Boys, by Street Hero ( Directed by Leo Herrera ( The Brooklyn Boys music video marks the first collaboration between Street Hero and visual artist Leo Herrera. The project, intended to be a 90 […]

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Photoshop: The Musical

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Man vs. Wild – Pacific Island – Bear’s Enema

What people do for Fame!

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(NWS)-Broadway Bares to Fight AIDS [VIDEO]

The theme was “Click it!”.  All performances use the computer as a basis of their theme. This performance is called “The World Wide Web.” HOT!

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Lady Gaga – Bad Romance. Again With the Signing…

Lady Gaga’s hit song, Bad Romance, signed by Michael DiMartino.

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Steve from Blues Clues warning of the Palin.

A Dr. Seuss style telling of the Palin by Steve from Blues Clues.

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Sexy Plus Sign Langauge!

Michael Di Martino’s has made sign language a consummately sexy performance platform – quite a feat when you think this started as an essential communication for (hearing) impairment.

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Mary Poppins – the Gay Rights Activist

Watch and find out!

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