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FOF #2729 – America is Hot for Mayor Pete

This Palm Sunday we got a new gay messiah- substitute a donkey for the old Studebaker car factory and instead of the title of Prince of Peace, we may one day have President of the United States of America Pete Buttigieg.

Today we are taking a look at whether America will swipe right for Pete like he did when he met his future husband on a hook-up app. And if he was once on a dating app, where are his shirtless pics?

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FOF #1987 – Happy Birthday Brian Sweeney!

It’s comedian Brian Sweeney’s birthday, and he expects all of you to celebrate or so help him God, he’ll make it his personal mission to destroy everything that you love. Brian has an awkward time around people, so don’t take his threats seriously.

Today, Brian Sweeney joins us to talk about why so many 30 somethings get depressed on their birthdays and why the new Spiderman movie sucked so bad.

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FOF #1305 – Instant Christmas

Any song can be turned into a Christmas classic by simply adding a couple of words like “season” or “jolly” into the lyrics and throwing some jingle bells into the beat.

Today we transform your favorite gay anthems into new christmas classics. Listen as we tear apart the thin veil of Christmas music and rebuild into something fabulous, that everyone can enjoy.

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WikiLeak’s Julian Assange Beats Lady Gaga for Time Magazine Reader’s Choice of Person of the Year

Julian Assange, the man behind WikiLeaks has won the most votes in Time Magazine’s 2010 Person of the Year poll. He managed to beat Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Ergodan and Lady Gaga. She got […]

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FOF #1302 – Deven and Joel’s Christmas Spectacular

On today’s show, comedy duo Deven Green and Joel Bryant bring enough holiday cheer to light up the Yule Log in the fireplace and keep the egg nog nice and frothy.

Listen as we go caroling with Deven and Joel and unwrap the seldomly known extra verse to Jose Feliciano’s “Feliz Navidad.”

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FOF #1299 – WikiLeaks Everywhere

The internet is hard to control. Trying to censor something on the net usually backfires and draws more attention to it than it would have ever have gotten in the first place- case in point: photos of Barbara Streisand’s mansion, or Wikileaks.

Today the hilarious Kristen Studard joins us to take a closer look at how CNN is turning into Perez Hilton with its odd coverage of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. Plus, all the hot news.

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