Gay Vultures Separated

Dec 20, 2010 · 1985 views

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Two male vultures that nested together have been separated and gay rights activists in Germany are upset. The zoo says the pair only took up with each other because there wasn’t another female that they […]


  1. seawall says:

    Situational, bollocks. I raised rabbits, chickens, and ducks for ten years in 4-H, always with more females than males as one does, and yet there was at least one openly gay pair of drakes in my flock, Porthos and Thursday. They went around as a pair just like the het ducks, and when I put them in separate cages at the county fair once to avoid crowding them, they kicked up such a fuss I relented and put them together, after which they cuddled up and slept. Cutest thing ever. I should ask mom if she has pictures.

  2. seawall says:

    I didn’t find out, they were in the privileged “pet” caste in the World State of my backyard, though I did raise some chickens and ducks for sale at auction which 90% of the time meant the axe for them.

    Did you know if you chop off a chicken’s head too high up on the neck, it leaves the syrinx intact enough so that when you have the carcass on your lap and you lean across it to get the tweezers from your mom to pick out the pinfeathers, you can squeeze out a strangled post-mortem squawk from the neckhole?


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