Solitaire Miles & Paulinho Garcia – Me and the Moon

Mar 13, 2009 · 1985 views

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Solitaire Miles and Paulinho Garcia serenade us with this beautiful song from the 1930s, “Me and the Moon,” which will be featured on Solitaire’s upcoming album.


  1. Dominic says:

    What a beautiful and soothing blend of voice and guitar. When is the record coming out?

  2. Tara says:

    Great to hear you again Solitare, even if it is online, keep singing! Please let us know when your record is out.

  3. Frank says:

    What a beautiful song, the older ones are often the best. Good luck to Polinho and Solitare on their new album!

  4. Thank you everyone, for your kind comments. We were so surprised when Fausto pulled out his video camera, but it turned out pretty well I think.

  5. Randy says:

    Hey Solitar, you look and sound beautiful honey. When am I gonna get to hear you live?

  6. Silvio says:

    This show was one of my favorites!
    Solitaire and Paulinho are great and I really enjoyed Fauto singing Água de Beber.
    Oh… and about Cintura Fina. He (yes… he) was so famous at Belo Horizonte that became a character on the novel Hilda Furacão, which became a TV serie. Here is a scene when he fights with a hooker:
    (sorry, no subtitles)

  7. That’s a great scene-thanks for the link. Here it is embedded but there’s no need for subtitles- you know exactly what’s happening!

  8. Fantastic, thank you for finding this!

  9. Paulinho says of this clip;

    This is not Cintura fina. It is a dramatization for a soap opera called Hilda Furacao, a woman who use to fight man.
    Tomba was a prostitute and Cintura fina was well know to protect them and as far as I know they never fought and also as far as I know he never picked up a fight, he always defended himself, that actor doesn’t even look at all like Cintura fina.
    I sent an e-mail to the people in Brazil to see if they still have the tapes. Now, with all this curiosity, I’d love to translate it.

  10. jamesb says:

    She reminds me of Katie Herzig – or Katie Herzig, reminds me of her…kind of a ‘chicken and the egg’ situation. Regardless, if you haven’t heard of Katie Herzig you guys should totally check her out!

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