Chinese Families Display Their Possessions

Jul 2, 2010 · 1985 views

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Recently a photographer went to China and asked people to empty their house of possessions and display them. As an American it’s astonishing to see these photos, honestly I would be embarrassed to do this […]


  1. Andy says:

    Very interesting and good photos!

    Just yesterday I watched an US American documentation about Western consumption behaviour, called “Shop ’til you Drop” (2009) at a German/French TV channel’s website.

    I think our consumption behaviour is sick. If everyone on earth would live like US Americans we would need five earths to have enough resources. If everyone on earth would live like Europeans we would need four earths.

    I assume in about 10 or 15 years we will face s serious resource crisis. Technology won’t solve it, money neither. There are simply not enough resources for our modern lifestyle on this earth. Maybe once the price of oil will be as high as $200 per barrel which is very likely to happen till 2020 we finally realize our resources are not illimitable.

    Every time we buy something we should ask ourselves if we really need it. Do we really need a new mobil phone or computer just because it has a new screen and some new functions? Do we really always need the newest fashion? Or do we really need to buy a new car every 5 years?

    But I think everyone of us is very influenced by advertising and commercials (an US American or European watches about 30 000 commercials every year) and we are so used to the modern lifestyle that we won’t change our consumption behaviour until we are forced to do to change it.

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