The Search for Kevin Clewer’s Killer

Jun 16, 2010 · 1985 views

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Six years after the death of Kevin Clewer, the family still seeks his killer.


  1. Bob says:

    The person depicted in the “Fernando” composite sketch was arrested by CPD Area 3 homicide detectives in April of 2005 and released after 48 hours of questioning, and two polygraph examinations, and after the suspect furnished a DNA sample.
    Kevin and “Fernando” left Little Jim’s bar and went to Kevin’s apartment, where, according to “Fernando,” they drank and smoked a joint. “Fernando” says he left Kevin’s apartment alone and Kevin was later observed back at Little Jim’s bar at closing time.

    It’s high-time we stop this fraudulent search for the hardly elusive “Fernando” and focus on identifying the real killer(s), of which viable suspects abound. The police can begin with at least two spurned wanna-be boyfriends that Kevin wasn’t interested in – one of whom apologized to Kevin’s mother; and the police can look at Kevin’s roommate who was home at the time of the murder and who has since moved out-of-state; and one European model who hasn’t been seen since the time of the murder.

    The purported “search” for “Fernando” is a phony smokescreen by the Chicago police and remains an excuse to avoid any real investigative work. The police might due a review of the similar homicides involving Brad Winters, Irwin Rosenbloom, and Richard Markley as well. And they might repleace the lead detective who himself was the defendent in seventeen court cases at the time of Kevin’s investigation. The CPD has severely compromised Kevin’s investigation. We require an independent third-party to review Kevin’s and other similar homicides inclusing Richard DeFilippis in December 2009.

    • Mike in London says:

      The roommate who was home at the time, is a friend of mine. He was taken in by police, interviewed and released without charge. Get your facts straight before you start besmirching people’s reputations and opening yourself up to potential litigation.

  2. Well, this is news to me. So who was the person arrested and released?

  3. Ron says:

    I am Kevin’s brother…

    As Bob states there was an arrest in 2005 in Kevin’s case. The person had allegedly spent time with my brother at his apartment prior to Kevin going back out to Little Jim’s. This person is alleged however not to be the “Fernando” character shown in the composite and thus the reason he is still being sought.

    I agree with Bob that the search for Kevin’s killer must continue and the search for “Fernando” must be part of it as Fernando apparently is the model type person Bob also referenced.

    There are many who feel the person being sought (Spanish European, very attractive, appears to be educated) has information related to Kevin’s death. He hasnt been seen since the date of Kevin’s death. Over the years here are comments related to this person, the alleged “Fernando” I have heard:

    1) Very attractive model type appearance – “You’d know him if you saw him”
    2) Worked the neighborhood as a hustler
    3) Used to frequent the Starbucks near Broadway and Roscoe
    4) May be a “gay for pay” prostitute
    5) Kevin didn’t know he was a hustler
    6) Kevin felt he could “save” this guy
    7) Kevin was last seen walking with him from Little Jim’s to his apartment on Elaine Place
    8) It will be hard to get information on “Fernando” as people won’t want to admit thier relationship with a hustler/prostitute.

    Frankly, I dont care if this guy was a hustler/prostitute and my brother new it. Its nothing more than a detail in the investigation and doesn’t change my opinions of my brother or my love for him. If he did engage a hustler – he shouldn’t have been killed over it.

    I am hopeful someone who knows this guy will see this and knows or knew “Fernando” (or whatever his name is) and knows where may have stayed or who he may have hung out with or where he has gone to.

    IN ADDITION to that last hope… I am also hopeful that ANYONE with ANY information will help bring the answers to Kevin’s death forward as ALL details regarding Kevin’s death need to be investigated.

    Please find more information, including how to contact the police or anonymously reach Crimestoppers at Kevin’s new website –

    Thank you!

    Ron Clewer

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